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[Thumbnail: Waterfall in Blue Mountains]
On Waterfall in Blue Mountains in Sydney, New Year's 2003-4 on 17th September 2004

This was from a cable car!

[Thumbnail: Underwater meditation]
On Underwater meditation in Spain on 22nd January 2004

This is one of the funniest pictures I've seen!!!

[Thumbnail: jasper]
On jasper in Sarah's Life on 12th November 2003

Sarah! Does this bunny really only have one ear?

[Thumbnail: Guinness (badly poured)]
On Guinness (badly poured) in Booze on 23rd September 2003

The rest is missing - it got spilt.

on 22nd September 2003

They don't do VB! But that is Rod from O'neills in the background. This is the Prince of Wales in Old Brompton Road.

[Thumbnail: Tristan & James]
On Tristan & James in Ski on 8th July 2003

No Jamiroquai, only Drum 'n' Bass.

On Extra 300L in Flying pics on 7th July 2003

Thanks Randy

On Federal Agents in Comedy on 26th June 2003

Comendions, as a vital cornerstone of the society in which we live, are very important to all of us, I'm sure everyone will agree. Almost every morning I wal… -more-

On Prime Meridian of the World in England on 20th June 2003

I guess you're right :o)

On Nek in Celebrities on 15th April 2003

Wait…. isn't that me? I don't remember this being taken…

On The last message in Tour de la Mangosta! on 11th March 2003

OK this is getting silly… this is on the front page twice - why does it need to be in 2 galleries?

On ESB from Bleecker St in Greenwich Village in United States of America on 20th January 2003

I just noticed that the tree is upright but the rest of the world is leaning right…

On my pretty new hair color(s) in phoenix, arizona on 19th January 2003


It's good to see your pictures. We haven't spoken for (what seems like and nearly is) months, I'll call you when you're back in MA.

On Alive? in Comedy on 17th January 2003

I don't think cats have homosexuality. Anyway, how would you tell just from the picture?

On Extra 300L in Flying pics on 9th January 2003

Nothing's the wrong way up! What are you talking about? This is a normal flying attitude for me.

On Kristin Kreuk in Celebrities on 3rd January 2003

You need to get out more.

On Rangitoto Island from Mt Eden in New Zealand 2001 on 30th October 2002

This was the maximum focal length of my lens so I couldn't zoom in any more. It is more of a landscape than a picture if the island.

On Shakira: Doing what she does best... in Celebrities on 23rd October 2002

hey, that guy's wearing my t-shirt!

On Atocha Overview in Gef's Travels in Europe on 17th September 2002

Aren't those people at the bottom right? They don't look much like terrapins.

On Mitre peak in Milford Sound in Tom's travels on 11th August 2002
Wow :

I, thought NZ was spectacularly beautiful, but it looks like I didn't even get to see the really nice bits!

On Mark in James's Random Gallery on 24th July 2002

Haha, actually I was thinking that about some of them… they look like old photos you find in your grandparents' stuff.

On Another test pic - the camera wasn't a waste of money in Gef's Travels in Europe on 22nd July 2002

You tend to lose things like 'colour vibrancy' when you scan prints anyway. It's better to scan the negatives ;o)

On Kristin Kreuk in Celebrities on 22nd July 2002

You're right gef, I know plenty of girls who are better looking! (disclaimer: that's just my opinion, please don't kill me)

on 9th July 2002


On Candle Tree in Georgina's Sculptures on 9th July 2002

That's not a terribly flattering picture of your dad.

On Kings Road in United States of America on 8th July 2002

yeah, it's the same colour as a tube sign.

On Sarah about to eat the kitten in Northampton MA on 5th July 2002

The strange sepia-like tone is caused because I forgot to set the scanner to B&W mode but I quite like it so I kept it.

On My kitchen tidy! in James's Random Gallery on 4th July 2002

It's funny you should mention that, but one of my old flatmates used to use gin to clean his PC's expansion cards' contacts…

On Allison Mack in Celebrities on 3rd July 2002

hahaha yeah, it's really easy to 'prove' that someone is better looking than someone else… um yeah. Well I have to say I prefer allison mack, whatever an… -more-

On 3rd Avenue (I think) in United States of America on 3rd May 2002


On aphro in Aphrodite on 1st May 2002
Awwwwwww :

I need one!

On Michelin Man in Comedy on 22nd April 2002

Umm, I'm being a bit picky here, but wouldn't the plane have ALREADY hit the building by the time the building is on fire?

On Bloomingdales in United States of America on 15th April 2002

It's a musical I think

On Steep mogul run on mont fort... fun! in Ski on 31st March 2002

To get an idea of how big it is, those two little blobs are cable-cars which hold 100 people each, and they are halfway between us and the top-station.

On Richmond Park from the air in New Zealand 2001 on 23rd March 2002

This photo is facing south. In the far left of the photo, near the middle - the Royal Ballet School (White Lodge). Just above it - "Spankers hill wood".

On 4 in SDOE on 20th March 2002

The picture titles aren't very interesting! How about something like Vickers Wellington Mk.whatever, or something?

On Dido at the Brits in Celebrities on 28th February 2002

I never realised that Dido was this big.

On Moses as a lifeGuard in Comedy on 20th February 2002
Cross :

I don't think crosses were in fashion at moses' time!

On Us at the pub in Ski on 4th February 2002

Hahaha, it's another of my flattering self-portraits!

On Lili at the Red Cube in James's Random Gallery on 2nd February 2002

oops, messed up the source. Can't be bothered to fix it though

On Husky in Stockholm on 13th January 2002

At Östermalmstorg market hall, which sells a fine array of foods and delicacies… I recommend anyone who goes to Stockholm to visit this market.

On 100th Birthday Cake in People on 20th December 2001

Cakes have feelings too, you know.

On A street in North London in England on 26th November 2001

Yeah. Ha.

The reason I took a picture of a dodgy alleyway in Soho is cos I was drunk, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

On Ron's Brother (I can't remember his name) in James's Random Gallery on 22nd November 2001

Apparently it's Daniel. Although it's pronounced Danielle because he's swedish.

On Steve dancing in James's Random Gallery on 21st November 2001

OK, I've only just noticed that Darius is doing something strange with his trousers!

On George Clooney in Celebrities on 15th November 2001

If there were 4 guys and 250 girls at IC, it would be a very different place…

on 15th November 2001

oops, yes there are in fact 4 pictures (although we're still not sure about Mich(a)el(le) Jackson…

on 15th November 2001
Oh my God!!! :

The second male picture in this gallery!!! But don't you think he looks slightly vampire-like in this picture?

On Kensington Palace in England on 8th November 2001

Isn't it called Kensington Palace?

On At the Union in Booze on 8th November 2001

It's probably something to do with being impaled on that lamp-post.

On Merlin in Wildlife on 1st November 2001

Hmmmm… The sensuous *what*?…

On It snowed this day! in New Zealand 2001 on 9th September 2001

I don't want anyone complaining that the photo isn't straight, OK?

On Sarah Michelle Gellar in Celebrities on 30th August 2001

bloody hell.

On 360 in New Zealand 2001 on 29th August 2001
WooHoo! :

My computer works again!

On Lamp on Santa Monica Pier in New Zealand 2001 on 26th August 2001

OK, so it's not exactly in NZ but it was on the way!

On Compaq 50k race in New Zealand 2001 on 26th August 2001

If you're wondering why it's blurred, it's because he was doing 120km/h

On Tristan at the top of Homeward in New Zealand 2001 on 25th August 2001
Dust & Scratches :

It's a shame about the dust and scratches on these photos - the filters in Photoshop LE aren't up to removing them, and I have too many films to scan to do i… -more-

On The Remarks from Remarkables Park in New Zealand 2001 on 25th August 2001

Probably the most picturesque car park ever.

On Cart in Remarkables Park in New Zealand 2001 on 25th August 2001

Metered off the cart therefore long exposure and I couldn't hold the camera still!

On Cart in Remarkables Park in New Zealand 2001 on 25th August 2001

Metered off the mountains

On Tristan skiing in New Zealand 2001 on 24th August 2001
Dark Skies :

The very dramatic skies in these b/w photos were caused by the red filter I was using. I didn't realise it would have quite this effect! It gives a great eff… -more-

On James skiing in powder (badly) in New Zealand 2001 on 24th August 2001
Crappy scan :

Sorry, I'll scan this properly when I get the neg. It's a scan from a small print.

On Tristan skiing in New Zealand 2001 on 24th August 2001

This was a crash.

On BT Tower from QT in England on 23rd August 2001

Notice the colour of the lovely smog.

On UFO in Parties on 21st July 2001
Does size matter? :

How many people are still using modems? Are these pictures too big? It's OK for tom with his '19 incher' but I think anyone with under 17 inches might be str… -more-

On Stewart and Tristan in Parties on 20th July 2001

I must have been a bit unsteady on my feet - the buildings are sloping.

On St. Petersburg 1917 in IC RPC on 14th June 2001
Petrograd :

Wasn't St Petersburg called Petrograd in those days? Shortly before becoming Leningrad.

On Grey Sunflower Seed Weevil in Plants & Gardens on 13th June 2001

In fact it's a whole site just about sunflowers and Buffy.

on 13th June 2001

Ok, this should appeal to most people her in some way or another… I would put the picture up here but there is a message on the site asking people not to d… -more-

On Nimrod over the sea. in Flying pics on 11th June 2001

The black dot in the centre top of the picture is a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter.

On Gavin is drunk in Ski on 9th June 2001


On Tristan Jumps in Ski on 9th June 2001
Oops :

Obviously this isn't really the Alps… it's actually High Wycombe.

On Missionary Position in Comedy on 31st May 2001
69 :

How do you know this one isn't the 69 position?

On Llama getting to know a donkey in Wildlife on 23rd May 2001

Were you the one in the llama outfit, Dave?

On Dear World in Comedy on 21st May 2001

Yes, you just wrap yourself in pastry, leave yourself lying around the kitchen, then hope somebody will bake you in the oven. Simple and foolproof.

On James in Weddings on 20th May 2001

Err… cheers!

On New Microsoft Keyboard in Comedy on 7th May 2001

Who needs a keyboard for windows when you've got a reset button?