Sony Woman

Sony Woman

[Thumbnail: Whale]


[Thumbnail: Bungeeeeeee... Oh, oops!]

<Bungeeeeeee... Oh, oops!

Woman Remote Control

108.2 kilobytes

Added by Matthew Booth[Matt] on 22nd February 2002.

[Thumbnail: Disco Dave]

Disco Dave>

[Thumbnail: Lawrence - St Tropez]

Lawrence - St Tropez>>

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Ashok Argent-Katwala[ash]* on 22nd February 2002

As if any bloke is going to remember to press the 'take pill' button!

Can someone add some balance to this please? There must be alternate versions of this about…

Good to see whoever made it can spell 'really' too B-).

Mary Argent-Katwala[mary]* on 23rd February 2002

Not Likely

I doubt that there is a "Sony Man" in existence. What woman would take the time and effort to produce it? That's the sort of sad thing that only blokes do.

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