Microsoft 1978

Microsoft 1978

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Added by David Turner[Dave] on 26th April 2001.

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From all the 'fun' those folk in Redmond deliver to the world.

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Some Nobody on 22nd November 2001

The best comment I have seen elsewhere is: "Microsoft Corporation 1978 - Would you have invested?"

Tom F[Tom]* on 22nd November 2001

Im think that may have been here before the great comment deletion of 2001

Ashok Argent-Katwala[ash]* on 22nd November 2001

I don't think it was, although I've seen other versions of the pic with it in the image.

I could, of course, be <shock!> wrong.

CyuberWiz[CyberWiz] on 23rd September 2004

Yep--These ARE the original MSFT-folk.

I was an Engineer at MITS after leaving the USAF in 1973 and worked with most of these folks. I can only remember [after 30 years] a few names, but so that Google Images will find them:

Top row center: Terry Sheehan [now in Az]

Next row down--Only individual= Tom Durston [now in Calif]

Next row down, center=David Antresian [possibly still in Albuquerque]

Same row, right= David Bunnel--Now founder of such magazines like PC Magazine, etc. [Lives in NY]

Bottom row: Bill Gates & Paul Allen--Can't recall the 2 gal's names.

TC[Cypress] on 9th April 2006

Microsoft NOT = MITS

CyberWiz, you are 2 for 6. Sorry. Perhaps just a sad drug induced reality after Vietnam. 2-minutes of Googling reveals Bunnell and Durston worked with Bill and Paul while they were at MITS. MITS fizzled and was sold in 1977 before this photo was taken.

Names, courtesy of the horses' mouth: Steve Wood, Bob Wallace, Jim Lane, Bob O'Rear, Bob Greenberg, Marc McDonald, Gordon Letwin, Bill Gates, Andrea Lewis, Marla Wood, Paul Allen.

Can someone enlighten me as to who are Terry Sheehan and David Antresian, or are they misspellings?

steve[alltare] on 21st December 2006

TC, You're not 100 percent correct either. MITS was bought by Pertec in 1977, but "fizzled" (that is, Pertec closed their doors) in October, 1980, long after this Microsoft photo was taken.

You were right about the names, though. As you said, they are:

Top row:

Steve Wood, Bob Wallace, Jim Lane

Second row:

Bob O'rear, Bob Greenberg, Marc McDonald, Gordon Letwin.

Front row:

Bill Gates, Andrea Lewis, Marla Wood, Paul Allen.

There were 2 other employees at the time this picture was taken. They were Ric Weilland and Miriam Ludlow.

CyberWiz is legit- he just has a terrible memory. Terry Sheehan and Dave Antreasian (note the spelling) were both MITS employees. So were Tom Durston and David Bunnell. Although they may have worked side-by-side with MSFT employees, none of them worked for MSFT so they would not appear in this MSFT photo, of course.


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