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La reina del rock

Princess Isabel
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Added by Hiliana Osuna[MissMoon] on 14th May 2002.

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Some Nobody on 30th May 2002


this pic is awesome! I love it it is one of my faves of her. I like shakira with black hair best!

Some Nobody on 14th August 2002

I love this pic a lot too…she's sucha rockera in this pic!! :D

Some Nobody on 24th August 2003


Shakira always looks gorge, especially in this pic. I think she is fantastic in every sense of the word! Her unique music and style is what deservingly attracts her thousands of fans from all over the world - which is great, anywhere in the world I have been, I have ended up talking about Shaki! A Spanish barman was telling me he was married to her the other day!


Adíos from Scotland xxxxxx

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