About Standards

Through all of gallery I have strived to stick to the appropriate web standards, so that someone with a <gasp> web browser can see all the content, and use everything happily. There will be no reliance on JavaScript, no Flash, no Java, no client-side VBScript, no random ActiveX controls (joy) and so on.

However, as part of this, I want to make the HTML valid, and I have. To do so I made a compromise I don't like. I was going to use graphical submit buttons. While they could be bad from a usability point of view, I felt making the graphics obviously buttons there would be no great loss. The advantage, to provide a much better looking site for graphical folk, is a fair benefit. I think it looked better, and it was reasonable and well attributed with alternate text anyway. Now, so that a sensible browser knows what to do before the image arrives it is civilised to tell it the height and width. However, for submit buttons these attributes are missing from the HTML (or xhtml for that matter) specification. Browsers seem broadly to support them, and nothing will break for a browser that ignores them. I used to have them in, and the only reason I've taken them out is so it all validates.

So, what was the point of putting input type="image" in the spec at all?

For more about this see this old W3C Mailing list post.

Addendum: Gareth pointed out months ago that I should just use CSS for this, and I've now done a bit to make the submt button more pleasant. In the general march towards putting all the visual stuff into CSS, I'm moving to using the strict form of HTML, where older browsers get something reasonable but quite plain.

I've also lost the valid HTML and CSS logos on every page. It doesn't mean the pages aren't - just that it doesn't interest most people. If you really want them back, you can stick it in your preferences. This is only useful if you want to randomly check a particular page, and thus is useful for various geeks. For us geeks running the site this will be supplanted by the dynamic validator Tom & I are working on, which will be posted to the main Future i site eventually.