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On Friday, 29th April.

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[Thumbnail: Power Princess 29]
Power Princess 29
from EddieCorpuz[EddieCorpuz]
on 8th January 2008
[Thumbnail: Calisto 28]
Calisto 28
from EddieCorpuz[EddieCorpuz]
on 8th January 2008
[Thumbnail: Mercury 27]
Mercury 27
from EddieCorpuz[EddieCorpuz]
on 8th January 2008
[Thumbnail: Cloak & Dagger 26]
Cloak & Dagger 26
from EddieCorpuz[EddieCorpuz]
on 8th January 2008
[Thumbnail: Elektra25]
from Ktallia[LadyKtallia]
on 15th March 2006

Greetings and Welcome to the Female Superheroes Gallery!

As I was growing up superhero's were all about men saving the world, I have no problem with that, but as a woman, I really wanted the woman to save the world ever so often.

Thus this gallery was formed. It'll feature all the superhero's that are woman.

From Batgirl to Supergirl to Wonder Woman to Huntress to Eliza to She-Ra, they are all in here and many more.

The media is from TV shows, comic books and maybe even some action figures.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at LadyKtallia@gmail.com

Have yourself a wonderful day!


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The Superheros gallery was created by Ktallia[LadyKtallia] on 12th March 2006.

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