Capt Ambrose Genda

Capt Ambrose Genda

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Later Prime Minister for a few months.What became of him?

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Added by Richard[Dhobiwallah] on 14th February 2005.

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Some Nobody on 15th October 2005

I don't know where Ambrose is now - but that's me trogging along behind him in the picture.

Richard[Dhobiwallah] on 14th January 2006

The taker of the photograph would love to know who the man "trogging along behind" is, as he can't remember. If it's you, can you ask the gallery host if they'd be good enough to pass on this info. They have in the past been very good at doing so.

Ashok Argent-Katwala[ash]* on 18th January 2006

Always happy to pass information along.

If you follow the instructions at the bottom about including ossifrage in your subject line, I'll definitely see it; otherwise it gets thrown in with the hundreds of pieces of spam that arrive every day.

C.H,G,ALLUM[ROJAM] on 2nd May 2007

Identification - ossifrage

Re Comment under the Title "Captain James Stewart" (but not refering to Captain Genda).

As I remember, the first Sierra Leonean Officer in the Force was David Lansana (in my time Captain), now believed living in the UK.

Would be glad to hear if this clicks with the anonymous correspondent.

ROJAM, the photographer.

With thanks to the gallery for their facilities.

Christopher M Robinson[chrisrob] on 24th December 2013

Anmbrose Genda

I served in the Royal Sierra Leone Regiment from April 1964 to October 1965.For the first 6 months I was at Daru as Training Officer with not much to do. For the remainder of the time I was at Wilberforce Barracks in Freetown as OC HQ Company which was 300 strong.

My elder brother Major (Keith)HMP Robinson PWO had been GSO2 at HQ Royal Sierra Leone Military Forces until about 2 months before my arrival

On my arrival: Brigadier Blackie (UK) was Force Commander , Lt Col David Lansana was the senior Sierra Leone officer and Battalion Commander, a UK Major was 2ic. Later Jon Bangura became 2ic when the tour of the Brit Major ended.

When Brigadier Blackie became Adviser to the Force commander, David Lansana became a Brigadier and Force Commander.

John Bangura became Lt Col and Battalion Commander with Major Ambrose Genda as 2ic. Ambrose's wife was British and he had an animal program on the radio (or TV if there was one?)

When I left at the end of my tour, I handed over HQ Company to Major Mohammed Sheku Tarawali, who I liked very much.

I had occasion to talk on the phone with Sheku in the USA some time in the years after 2000. He confirmed that both David Lansana and John Bangura had been executed for treason. Andrew Juxon-Smith, Abdul Turay, the Police Chief and Sheku Tarawali had staged a military coup who managed or mis-managed the country for a while. The rest in the history on the internet. Ambrose Genda's British wife left Sierra Leone with their son fairly early as the situation had become too "interesting". At some stage Ambrose may have gone to England but I have no news of that. Sheku told me Ambrose had died, as had all those senior to Sheku. Sheku was head of the army as Major-General for an extended period.

The photographer of the pictures may have known Captain Stuart Rowsell in Sierra Leone. He was the same term as me at Sandhurst and occupied the same bungalo at Daru before I got there.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Christopher M Robinson


Late The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorshire

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