Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

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Kensington Palace in Kensington Gardens (thanks to everyone for pointing out my - now corrected - mistake.

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Added by Rob Chatley[Rob] on 15th August 2001.

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James Bywater[James] on 8th November 2001

Isn't it called Kensington Palace?

Ashok Argent-Katwala[ash]* on 8th November 2001

Well done for spotting the dropped comments in the Great Comment Debacle of 2001.

(For newcomers, I blew all the comments up by being hasty, thanks to Tom Ayles thinking, I could restore the vast majority from Google's cache).

Mary Argent-Katwala[mary]* on 10th November 2001

It is Kensington Palace but Rob thought that it was the place where Charles lived ergo it must be St James Palace. Don't know why he thought Charles lived there - Diana did but they were divorced by then.

Some Nobody on 13th February 2002

Kensington Palace

The picture is of Kensington Palace not St James's. As well as being Princess Diana's home, it was Princess Margaret's home, and she has just died too. Her body is currently lying in the Queen's Chapel which IS in (or just next to) St James's Palace, which itself is not far from Buckingham Palace. London certainly has plenty palaces!!

Rob Chatley[Rob] on 14th February 2002

ok, ok, I know, it was just a simple mistake.

Ashok Argent-Katwala[ash]* on 15th February 2002

You can change the title if you fancy, Rob. I'll get to letting you take another short name (with forwarding the old one) pretty soon.

So much for not adding features until I finish the feature-request module.

Oh and you've a typo too - 'Kensignton'.

I'll lay off now. B-)

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