D3290 GSE Visit

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Poor Matthew

Jim Lacy Reception

Breakfast with Subhash Bhalla

The new Hooghly River Bridge

[Thumbnail: Poor Matthew]

[Thumbnail: Jim Lacy Reception]

[Thumbnail: Breakfast with Subhash Bhalla]

[Thumbnail: The new Hooghly River Bridge]





Boss Man Subhash

Old Calcutta Street Scene

Silli and Simon

Dinner party

[Thumbnail: Boss Man Subhash]

[Thumbnail: Old Calcutta Street Scene]

[Thumbnail: Silli and Simon]

[Thumbnail: Dinner party]





Rafeek just makes it

Bikes Handover

Happy pupils

Chief of Police in Lal Bazaar

[Thumbnail: Rafeek just makes it]

[Thumbnail: Bikes Handover]

[Thumbnail: Happy pupils]

[Thumbnail: Chief of Police in Lal Bazaar]





DCI Soumen Mitra

Millennium Park

Hooghly River

The famous KK sings at Conference

[Thumbnail: DCI Soumen Mitra]

[Thumbnail: Millennium Park]

[Thumbnail: Hooghly River]

[Thumbnail: The famous KK sings at Conference]





We meet the GSE Team from Oz

The Conference Dais

Simon and cow

The team listen

[Thumbnail: We meet the GSE Team from Oz]

[Thumbnail: The Conference Dais]

[Thumbnail: Simon and cow]

[Thumbnail: The team listen]





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